Shadowland is a series of sniper games for the iPhone. It is essentially a spy novel delivered from a sniper's perspective.

"At last a Sniper game worthy of the iPhone"

  • Intuitive Controls: It feels like you're holding the gun, not controlling it (seriously, if you are disappointed with the control scheme of other sniper games, you have to try this one).
  • Realistic Trigger Mechanism - squeeze it slowly, steady your hands, hold your breath
  • Gorgeous photo based maps (some taken on actual locations)
  • In-game spotter gives you instructions over the radio. Snipers don't work alone - you are part of a spotter sniper team.
  • Left handed support

Shadowland: The Sniper
The prologue where you meet your spotter and try to get accepted into a mysterious organization.

Shadowland: Shades of Black
The first chapter where you perform various missions for a mysterious clandestine organization until their sinister plan is revealed.

Shadowland: Fragile Alliance
The story continues in a wild chase across the globe for the second bomb.

Shadowland is developed by Yuval Perlov - feel free to contact me for support feedback or suggestions -

Good Hunting!